Before the labor even starts, there’s picking color.  And not just any color, but the right color.  Perhaps even the best color possible, the one you can live with for the next several years.  Picking paint colors can be hard, so here are some tips to make the paint color selection process a whole lot smoother.

  • Sample & Test – many retail suppliers of paint carry sample-size containers of their more popular colors.  Some may even go so far as to mix a sample of custom colors.  This gives the customer the perfect opportunity to sample colors in their home or business, without having to paint whole walls or rooms.
  • Think Big Picture – considering light (natural or electric), other colors in view (structural or environmental), room/building type, and how long you plan on going until painting again, are all factors to consider when picking paint colors.
  • Technology – many retailers nowadays carry software that can upload digital photos of your painting project, and digitally “repaint” the photo with any color scheme you desire.  This feature—unavailable ten years ago—is the perfect preview for your color scheme.
  • Be Patient, Have Faith – you’ve picked the colors, cracked the can, and have started painting.  But it looks terrible.  Is it the color that looks bad, or the fact that it’s the first, impartial coat, and contrasts with the old paint?  Trust your instincts, but don’t be too quick to dismiss your choice in color because it looks strange in-process.  By the time both coats are on, it might just look incredible.

Take your time and use the resources that are available.  Picking paint colors can be a snap!

Picking Paint Colors