Dan Cavagnaro

Dan Cavagnaro

President and founder of Golden Boys Painting, Dan began his careeer at the age of nineteen from a master painter who based his craft on customer satisfaction, hard work, and precise attention to detail. More than 15 years later, Dan maintains those principles today as a master painter at the helm of his own company.


Adam Martone

Crew Chief
Adam is an accomplished painter trained by masters of the craft. He leads our crews and ensures that every job meets our standards of precision and excellence.


Tadd Tilton

Crew Cheif
Tadd has been with the company almost from the start. With many years of tutelage under our owner, Tadd knows exactly how to get the job done the right way.


Nicholas Daniluk

Painter & Creative Director
Nicholas has been with us for a few years now. He is a talented young man and brings his training as an artist to the company as a painter, as well as our photographer and digital media specialist.


Daniel Holm
Associate Painter


Ricky Spock
Associate Painter


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