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Deck Staining

There isn’t a more weather-sensitive painting project than an outdoor deck.  Under the constant abuse of the elements, there’s really only one way to stain a deck correctly, and too many ways to do it wrong.  Golden Boys Painting goes the extra mile to ensure a quality window of opportunity from comprehensive weather reports to working on weekends if necessary—guaranteeing that your new coat of deck stain or paint won’t wash away with the rain before it’s had a complete chance to cure.

Deck Staining Rochester NY

All deck staining & painting projects begin with a comprehensive and  professional power washing, to remove any unsightly stains or mold & mildew build-up; we’ll use the right cleansers and nozzles, and our staff is specially trained to use the equipment, so only old stain and impurities come off without gouging or taking the wood with it; staining and painting begins once the deck has dried all the way through, making sure the top coat will completely and properly bond to the wood.

  • Sanding, scraping, and priming of any "bald" spots to further guarantee even, long lasting coverage.
  • Work around, over, or under landscaping to safeguard those beautiful flowers, plants, hedges, and bushes—we only stain or paint the wood, and nothing else, and all without trampling your hard-earned yard-work!
  • Ground-level, first or second-story decks and porches are no problem—we can hit your deck with any stain or paint, latex or oil, tinted or solid; no matter how many floorboards, spindles, latticework, or rails.  We’ll hit every crack, nook, and cranny, with zero over-spills or drips between the floor and face boards.

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