Outdoor trim long overdue for a scrape and paint?  Has your yellow house paint faded almost to white?  Golden Boys Painting can handle any exterior painting job faster than any crew in town.

The Golden Boys know the value of an exterior that catches your eye, know it because they value it for their own homes and properties.  They’ll work with you step by step to put a fresh new face on any exterior surface.

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Exterior Services

  • Pound For Pound Power Washing: It All Starts With a Clean Surface.  You wouldn’t bandage a wound without disinfecting it first, so why would you slap on a new coat of paint without removing dust, mold, and mildew first?  The longevity of your exterior paint is only as good as the prep you put in beforehand, and that’s why every Golden Boys exterior painting project starts with power washing—a high velocity jet of water, to whisk away every speck of dirt and grime from every square inch of the exterior surfaces.
  • Preparation And Protection: Out With The Old!  It starts with scraping and removal of any old, flaky paint on aluminum, vinyl, or wood siding; total protection of any bare siding with the industry’s toughest primer; complete caulking of any fractured seams or voids; repair and patching of damage like nail holes and cracks; total protection for windows, driveways, and rooftops from paint splatters and drips. 
  • Application: In With The New!  From the brush to the roller, you won’t catch any skips or drips on The Golden Boys’ watch; complete inspection for total coverage, even in those hard to reach areas, with no pooling of paint for unsightly drips or puddles; clean and straight lines between body and trim.
  • Safety & Security: All due precautionary measures and safety standards are followed to the letter of the law.  Our ladders are routinely maintained and checked to ensure quality use, and for those especially high jobs, safety harnesses and rigs are always in use.  We don’t go up a ladder or raise a lift until we’ve triple-checked to make sure it’s footed and positioned true.
  • Outdoor Concrete Walls & Stairwells: Pressure washing to remove unsightly stains, mold, and moss; prepped and scrubbed with a priming agent that aids bonding with topcoat; flawless application of any solid paint or tinted stain.
  • Comprehensive Care Clean Up: No matter what the project, we’ll routinely pick up after ourselves at the end of every day, and at the job’s completion you can expect  your property to look as clean and functional as it did before we arrived.  We’ll run a shop-vacuum from the roof on down, collecting any and all debris left in the projects wake.  You won’t find stray paint chip or chunk of caulk lingering on your roof or in your yard.

No Matter What Your Next Exterior Painting Project Is, Call The Golden Boys For Professional Quality Work That Will Keep You Smiling Everytime You Pull In Your Driveway.

To start your free estimate or learn more about why we’re a smart choice for house painting of the highest caliber, call the Golden Boys today at 585-310-1716. Or write to us through our secure contact page.

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