Tips from the Pro’s:

There’s one tool that every professional painter has in their pocket: the six-in-one.  It’s a versatile but simple hand-tool that’s been every painter’s best friend for decades.  While it looks a little unusual, this timesaver takes its name from the six actions it can perform, all in one simple, handheld device, no electricity required (just plenty of elbow grease).

  • Paint scraper – the beveled top edge of the 6-in-1 makes for a perfect scraping tool.  Whether you’re removing old, flaking paint or scraping down wall paper, the curved handle and angled edge of the 6-in-1 have all but put traditional paint scrapers out of business.
  • Spreader – just flip the scraping side over, and the flat edge of the 6-in-1’s top (reverse side of the scraper) comes in handy for spreading spackle, joint compound, wood putty and many other fillers.   
  • Gouge – the triangular, pointed side of the 6-in-1’s head is perfect for removing old beads of caulk, weather stripping, or other sealants. 
  • Screwdriver – the rectangular side of the head (opposite the gouge) makes for a functional flathead screwdriver.  Great for removing shutter screws, house numbers, or light fixtures in a pinch.
  • Nail setter – the bottom handle of the 6-in-1 is capped with reinforced steel, making a hammer head when needed to reset nails in siding, clapboard, shingles, or trim.
  • Roller scraper – the half circle void isn’t a design flaw, it’s for some much needed assistance when washing out a paint roller.  The roller scraping feature of the 6-in-1 saves your hands a workout, really squeezes old paint and debris right out of the roller nap.

It may look small and insignificant, but the 6-in-1 is a mighty tool that every painter carries around in their back pocket.  In the long run, they save untold time on any painting job.

Paint Scraper Tool