Appearance isn’t everything, but in the business world it’s definitely something—a BIG something. Whether you’re a medium sized business or small business conducting business out of a storefront or filling an office building, it’s essential that you present a professional front. This is not a small task either, as it requires training employees, creating letterheads, networking and of course, simply fulfilling the day to day transactions and demands. Often, the last thing you’re thinking about is the aesthetics of your office space. The problem is that the first impression you give to customers and potential business connections is the aesthetics of your office space. You deserve to put your best foot forward, to get a paint job that looks both bold and crisp as well as inviting and professional. What we’re trying to say is, you deserve a job done right by Golden Boys Painting: the leading painters Rochester, NY has to offer.

Why Hire Us?

One of the biggest reasons many offices push on in their drab old paint jobs is a matter of time—who has enough of it? If you’re strapped for time and every day is a battle, the last thing you’re thinking about is painting the walls. Shutting down business for a few days so you can slap on a new coat of paint isn’t so economical for timing. The solution? Hire our professional team of painters! Not only will we save you the time of doing it; we’ll get the project finished faster than anyone else and keep it looking sharp. Our team knows how to work around expensive equipment and still give you the best paint job in town.

Another reason it’s smartest to hire professionals to do your paint job is the end result. Painting isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes loads of tools, an eye for detail, and knowledge of how paints work (primers to latex). You don’t just want to slap up another coat of white paint. You deserve a stunning paint job that’s vibrant and flawless, and that’s what you’ll get from Golden Boys painting. Each member of our team is experienced and expert at what they do. Our company is founded upon great business principles like hard work and excellent customer relations. You won’t find a painting company with a better track record or a greater willingness to help you put your best professional foot forward from the very first impression.